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Wendy Ellen Inc. provides the coaching and support for both the employer and the terminated employee to ensure the outplacement process is handled in a legally compliant and respectful manner.

For the employer, we work to safeguard against the potential liabilities involved in employee terminations to mitigate risk. We coordinate the logistics and coach the managers, enabling them to deliver the message in a respectful, compassionate and professional manner. On-site support is provided on the day of the termination to minimize the disruption in the company and to assist the employee with exiting in a dignified manner.

For the terminated employee, we provide the coaching and support to help them navigate through the oftentimes daunting career transition process. We empower them to capitalize on this big life change. Whether they are planning to stay in the same career, considering a career change, starting their own business, looking for part-time opportunities or retiring, we have the programs and resources the help them realize their goals.

Our team of coaches are experienced and highly skilled with broad business backgrounds. They deliver programs that are creative, thought provoking and specifically tailored to individual needs.

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